How to “download C++” on Windows

I know, I know. All of you experienced programmers will go like: “what is this dumb article? what do you mean by download c++ on windows? there is no such thing as downloading C++”.

Well, of course there is no such thing. All of us that had anything to do with programming, know that.

However, this article is for complete beginners. There are a lot of people wanting to get started with C++ but don’t know how or where.

So, if you are a complete beginner, here is the easiest way to get started – using a free IDE.

For this, I will just use Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition.

What’s an IDE?

I will start this off by explaining a little bit about what an IDE actually is.

IDE is an acronym for integrated development environment. Basically, it’s a little software tool that has everything you need in order to start programming.

Some examples of IDEs for C++ are: Microsoft Visual Studio, CLion, Code::Blocks, Eclipse etc. There are many more.

One thing to note is that, you don’t need an IDE in order to start coding, but setting up all the necessary tools without an IDE is a hassle for a complete beginners.

We are going to use an IDE for simplicity, so you don’t get lost even before writing your first “Hello World!”.

Let’s get into “how to download c++ on windows” 😅.

Getting the MSVS IDE

For this, we are going to use the MSVS(Microsoft Visual Studio) Community Edition(since it’s free).

In order to install the IDE, you can just follow the steps provided here.

At Step 4 from that article, when you need to select the workloads, you will only select “Desktop development with C++” since that is the only thing we need for the purpose of this article.

After you complete all the steps and MSVS IDE is installed, you are ready to go.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Starting your first project

All that’s left to do is to start your first “Hello World!” project. In order to do that, you will start MSVS IDE and follow the steps provided below.

First, you need to select Create a new project.

Then, you need to select a template for your project. In this case, you are going to select Console App

After that, set up a name for your Project and the location in which it should be saved and press Create.

Project ready

It’s done. Now you have your project.

You can see that the IDE created the .cpp file with the name of your Project. Here you already have the int main() with the hello world example.

There are also some hints on how to use the IDE.

Final word

This was a very short and very simple article. I hope that any complete beginner can now get started with using C++ and will not be so afraid of the C++ environment.

Of course, this is just a way of setting up the C++ environment on Windows. I’ve chosen this one because it’s the simplest one and should not intimidate you, as a complete beginner.

Also, worth to mention that MSVS is not only dedicated to C++. It supports a lot of other programming languages.

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