Message from the Author

Hello, my name is Nicolas Slusarenko. Around twenty five years ago, when I was in the second year of studying Electronic Engineering, I recluse myself alone into a room with a 386 computer, a book by Herb Schildt and the Borland C++ compiler. That confinement lasted for two weeks and since then I had the wonderful experience of developing with the most powerful programming language.

In those days, there was a fuzzy line between C and C++, and it was very common the expression "C with classes". I would recognize the consolidation of C++ as a programming language in its own right as the first wave.

The second wave came along with the development of internet. Then it was possible to find help and advice from someone having the same challenges anywhere in the planet.

The open source movement is the third wave. It is a new paradigm and all the community of C++ development had benefit from it. Today, C++ is more interesting than ever.

I am developing Trokam an online, ad-free and open source search engine written entirely in C++, and also I run the website C++ News. I have a profile in LinkedIn if you want to know something else about me.

I wish you enjoy this book!

Nicolas Slusarenko