The C++ Developer

C++ is the most powerful programming language. Its applications ranges from development of Operating Systems, OS drivers and low level OS management, databases and big data, image processing and analysis, logic and symbolic mathematics, numerical methods and simulations, high performance and embedded systems, to graphical interfaces and web services. This project aim to sample all those applications in a tutorial manner.

This project has two main parts: a public repository and a book. Currently, both are in a very basic level of development, however you might get involved from this very early stage correcting the text and verifying the examples

The Book

The book is been developed online, every new version is immediately available.

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The Code

All the samples are available in a public repository under the Full Monty License, a Free Software License, which allows you do anything what you want with the code.

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The Author

The author has been programming in C++ during the last twenty five years at job and in personal projects..

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